Fees & Forms

Whole Herd Enrollment

ASPA has implemented Whole Herd Enrollment for all herds recorded. All active and mature males and females must be reported with appropriate dues paid yearly. The WHE fee per animal includes the registration of one calf per dam per year. Inventory listings are sent yearly from the ASPA office and are to be completed and returned with payment in a timely manner.

DNA Testing

To be eligible for registration, animals must be Parent Verified to both Sire and Dam. Additional testing for Coat Color, Horn/Poll Status and Myostatin available as well. Samples are to be collected and sent to the ASPA office for submission. Blood cards are preferred, a $5.00 per sample fee will applied for hair samples.

Ways to Order Blood Cards

  1. Order from Neogen: https://www.neogen.com/categories/sampling-equipment/blood-card/
  2. E-mail: americanspecklepark@gmail.com
  3. Call: 816-652-2220

Submitting DNA Testing Request

  1. Order Testing
  2. Mail your samples with Hard Copy form or Order Confirmation to:
    • American Speckle Park Association
      PO Box 260
      Kearney, MO 64060
  3. Once testing is completed, you will receive confirmation and can proceed to registration.


After Whole Herd Enrollment and DNA Testing is completed, registration can be completed. Registrations can be completed online through the Member Portal or by Hard Copy Form. The fee for one registration per enrolled cow is included. Additional calves can be registered at the following rates:

  • Twin Registration (for Second Calf…………...…...…$25.00
  • Embryo Calves………………..……………...............……………….$25.00
  • Calves not registered before 1 year of age….….$30.00


Transferring sold animals is recommended to be completed within 60 days of the final sale. There are two ways to transfer animals depending on certificate storage.

  1. Hard Copy Certificates - Must have the back completed with Seller Signature, Buyer information and Sale date. Mail completed transfer to ASPA to transfer ownership.
  2. Held Online for Transfer - With this option, transfers can be submitted online in the member portal by going to My Herd - My Held Papers For Transfer.

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