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Semen for Sale

The following semen is available for purchase from the Estate of Keith Kissee- Prestwould Parke, contact Carol Wojciechowski through the buttons below if interested in any of the semen.  Semen is available to ship within the USA and buyer pays all shipping and handling expenses.

Email Carol Wojciechowski

Inventory of semen, pricing and number units listed below:

  • Unlimited Grnwd Future 20F- $50 unit 168 total units- 50 units at Hawkeye and 118 units at Trans Ova
  • General Colgan’s General 20G- $50 unit 133 units at Hawkeye
  • Greenwood Headliner 71H-  $75 unit 20 units at Hawkeye
  • CN Zpotz Zazu 2Z- $50 unit 2 units at Trans Ova
  • INC Assassin 777G- $50 unit 6 units at Trans Ova
  • INC Goliath 747G- $50 unit 5 units at Trans Ova
  • Greenwood Homesteader 2H-  $10 unit 318 units at CGS
  • Greenwood Houston 20H- $10 unit 144 units at CGS


Hay Creek Speckle Park

Semen Offering: JSF Leroy 39J
Registration Number: 13325
Buyer responsible for shipping, semen stored at Hawkeye Breeders. USA qualified, color ED/ED, polled P/P, 0 Myostatin.

Contact: Brad Sonnentag:

Cattle for Sale

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